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Angela Browning Art

Angela Browning is a Gloucestershire artist specialising in affordable art and original acrylic paintings of beautiful scenes, interpreted in a modern and naive style. Angela's colourful and affordable art work has an extremely loyal following and is both instantly recognisable and highly sought after. Her paintings have featured in the international critically acclaimed film, The Full Monteverdi, and can also list a celebrity super-chef and Radio1 Presenter Fearne Cotton as fans.


When Angela decided to open her first solo exhibition she realised she did not have the knowledge, contacts or time to promote it to a wider audience. Being self-employed means you have to wear many different hats, and you can't be good at everything, which is why Angela thought it was a sensible investment to get someone on-board who knows what they're doing and gets results.  Angela was recommended cocktail pr by a friend who had worked with us before, so bought us on board to work with her for one month in the run up to the exhibition.


To raise the awareness of Angela Browning’s first solo exhibition in the Cirencester.  


cocktail pr worked closely with Angela to write a professional biography to accompany press releases about the exhibition. These were the sent to feature writers at the target media and followed up with a phone call to ignite the interest in the exhibition. 


In the run up to the event the art exhibition was featured multiple times in the press.


West Country Life


Gloucestershire Echo, The Gazette


Gloucestershire Echo Weekend.


Stories from the newspapers were also featured on the corresponding websites.

The PR created a buzz around Angela’s exhibition and bought sales, feet through the door and people recognising the 'Angela Browning Art' brand. Off the back of the various newspaper and magazine features every 3rd person through the door came because they'd seen an article and Angela sold her largest piece of work due to it being in the background of a photograph in a feature. 

“Hiring cocktail pr to handle the PR was like having someone else work for Angela Browning Art - a buddy and colleague.  Louise was always right there on the phone for any questions I had and always kept me informed of what she was doing. The way Louise communicates and kept in touch was brilliant and probably what sets cocktail pr apart from the rest - it's the personal touch that makes such a difference.  Louise got me organised, thinking about what I was doing and why - and she has taught me valuable things about PR that have kept me well ahead of the game today. Hiring cocktail pr well and truly paid for itself!” Angela Browning, Angela Browning Art

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